Our Story

From The Start

In November 2010 Route One organically developed with a conversation over coffee amongst friends; Laurel Copp, Sarah Durfey and Bonnie Gatchell. Each of the women have a deep passion for justice and within this meeting the question was asked, “What can we do locally to fight for justice?” The reply, “Make baskets and bring them to women working in strip clubs on Christmas eve.”  Laurel and Bonnie put together a list of items needed for the baskets and found a local club to which they would be delivered. With the generous help of their church, North Point EPC of Danvers, MA, 25 baskets were created and delivered on Christmas Eve.

In December 2010 Bonnie drove to Kentucky to shadow an already exciting ministry to women of the sex industry, it was a life changing event. Calling Laurel on her drive back to Boston they chatted about presenting their love and plan to the elders of their church. And from there it took off…The elders loved it. They built a team. And planned their first gift drop.

There first gift drop was Valentine’s night February 2011, with two other women they entered two clubs with roses for each dancer – tagged with a note that read “Jesus loves you.” In March of 2011 they began to drop gifts weekly and meeting women while inside the clubs. Route One continues to build loving relationships with the dancers by visiting each club every week.


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